About us

Amelia Massetti

Amelia moved to Berlin in 1988, and a few months before the fall of the Berlin Wall she gave birth to her daughter, Lia Nadine, who has Down syndrome. That was a turning point in her life: after many attempts at moving back to Italy she decided to stay in Berlin, and she started her fight for inclusion for her daughter in the scholastic and working environment. Before moving to Berlin Amelia worked in Rome in theatrical projects for kids (“Il Gruppo del Sole” that organized, among other activities, summer camps in collaboration with the City of Rome). Subsequently she became a member of the directing board of the Arci Donna Nazionale, promoting many cultural and political projects involving women on the whole national territory. During his work with this association Amelia founded the first Centro Baby Sitter, that brought together families and babysitters while recognizing the qualifications of these professionals.

Lia Nadine Massetti

Lia is working as a performing artist in the Theater Thikwa.

Ilaria Fioravanti

Ilaria Fioravanti was born in Italy in 1988. After achieving a master’s degree in Chinese Language and Economical and Legal Institution at the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, she moved to Berlin where she discovered the world of mind mapping. She cooperates as a mind mapper and trainer with the communication and PR company HarthCommunications. Ilaria also holds workshops in schools in order to teach children and teachers the mind mapping technique and help them discover their true potential. Being a ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor in Mind Mapping, part of her mission is to spread the mental literacy and help people think more effectively and creatively.
For Artemisia Ilaria also takes care of the website and the graphic realization of promotional materials
Web: ilariafioravanti.com

Alice Marchetto

In 2015 Alice moved to Berlin to look for new job opportunities in the disability field. Se has a master degree in Development and Education Psychology. She has done different internships in the mental health field as a Neuropsycologist in the hospital and in a day center for adults with disabilities. In Italy she has worked together with the University Center for Disabilities and Inclusion with different projects to promote a new inclusive culture based on Hope Optimism and Temporal Perspective to support a good and satisfying quality of life in disabled people .
In Artemisia, Alice takes care of the Future Projects section and the management of the Artemisia’s operators and finally she also takes care of the Trello Messaging Platform.

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