The objectives of Artemisia

The aim of Artemisia is to create a network of Italian parents with disabled children, so that they can support each other and share personal experiences and useful information. This network is a way to find together ways to intervene and contribute to the european debate about the legislation on the disabled people’s rights.

Artemisia is then a meeting point for different kinds of parents. It will allow them to help each other with information on the bureaucratic procedures, the support and the rights for disabled people in Germany, but is is also a place for debating on the many issues about the integration in schools and working-places, and consequently about the inclusion in Germany’s social structure.

Artemisia aims to be a place of mutual support while keeping its distinctive Italian culture, for bilingual or Italian parents. The difficulty in becoming part of the German social fabric is even higher when we try to keep our cultural integrity. A place where these differences may be set aside will allow a better adjustment for mixed and Italian families. Ultimately, the people adhering to this project will determine its development.

The activities of Artemisia

We arrange monthly meetings to consider together the cultural activities, visits to museums, concerts, cinema evenings or simply a dinner out together. We will promote the active participation of disabled people in the cultural and artistic fields, organizing dance, music and painting courses in Italian. We will also organize simplified readings of Italian masterpieces of theatre and literature, in order to promote Italian language and culture.

Together we can focus on topics regarding autonomy, encouraging arrangements for group trips around Germany or in Italy. Artemisia will thus be a place where everything is possible, adapting to the needs of its members, as they will help to improve the life quality of disabled people and promote the topic of diversity in the public debate.

The meetings

Artemisia wants to answer the questions that society has about disability. For this reason we will organize meetings with experts and people with similar experiences, so that we can face the  doubts and prejudices that might arise on this hot topic. We will collaborate with other Italian and German associations that have been working for years in this field and developed important projects, so as to compare and examine the issue of inclusion in Europe.

Artemisia, the healing goddess, will facilitate the sharing of experiences among people with similar history, it will foster cultural enrichment for both parents and children while expanding our knowledge and tearing down, together, the barriers that divide us.

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